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How to Get Started as a Therapy Dog Team

About This Pawsome Guide

I’m guessing something brought you here—maybe it’s the happiness your dog brings to you, a desire to brighten someone’s lonely day, curiosity sparked by browsing through Dogstagram, or something completely different.

You and your dog share a special bond, and while that doesn’t guarantee you’ll end up working or volunteering together, it’s definitely worth considering if becoming a therapy dog team is something both you and your pup will enjoy.

This guide includes bonus worksheets and mindset tips to help you make the best decision for you and your canine companion.

What’s inside


Finding the right environment for your team

Being comfortable and relaxed is essential when working or volunteering together. I’ll guide you through some questions to help you find the best options and settings for you and your dog.


Training your canine partner

This might not be the typical training advice you’d hear when you mention your interest in therapy work. Our training journey had its twists and turns, and I’ll help you build a strong foundation for your therapy dog goals.


Choosing the perfect organization to register with

I’ll not only help you compare a few national pet therapy organizations, but also highlight key aspects of your lifestyle that may influence which organization is the best fit for you.


You just got a new puppy, started them an Instagram account, and discovered that everyone is training to be a Therapy Dog.

This feels like what you’ve been missing but you have no idea where to begin. Sound familiar? If so, this guide is for you.

When I first found out about Therapy Dogs, I had no idea where to get started. For me this was an opportunity to dig into the details of organizations at the same time as connecting to other past, present, and future Therapy Dog teams while asking them my questions.

Along the way, I’ve learned what to look for. Here’s what I found:

Engaging Exercises

Informative Pages

The ideal mix of straightforward mindset tips, thought-provoking questions, and helpful worksheets to guide you and your pup towards therapy dog success.

A woman holding a small dog.

Hi I’m Sherrie,
and this is my dog Sunny.

I’ve spent hours talking with therapy dog teams from all over and soaking up any related training I could find.

I soon realized that the journey to becoming a therapy dog team isn’t a one-size-fits-all path – and that’s a great thing!

Your unique bond with your future therapy dog inspired me to create this guide, tailored just for dog lovers like you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Sherrie + Sunny

How to get started as a Therapy Dog team

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How to get started as a Therapy Dog team (Cover)

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