How to get started as a Therapy Dog team

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Get Started as a Therapy Dog Team

Three key considerations that you need to know in order to set yourself and your pet up for success in pet therapy.

In this resource, you will find what to consider when …

◎ Choosing the right setting for your team

It is important for you and your animal partner to be at ease while working or volunteering together. I will guide you through some questions you’ll want to ask yourself to determine what options there are and where you will thrive.


◎ Training your animal partner

This probably is not the standard training advice that you will hear others say when you tell them that you are interested in this work. Our training journey has not been linear and I will help you to consider a solid foundation.


◎ Selecting an organization to register through

Not only will I help you to identify and compare a few national pet therapy organizations, but I will also highlight key elements of your lifestyle that may impact which organization is the best fit for you.


What sets this guide apart?

I know that something brought you here—whether it was to share the joy your dog brings to you, your heart for people who are lonely or lack access to animals, dogstagram-imposed curiosity, or something else entirely.

You and your dog have a one-of-a-kind relationship and while that doesn’t always mean that your journey will involve working or volunteering together it is worth exploring if becoming a Therapy Dog team is something that you both will enjoy doing together.

This guide includes bonus worksheets and mindset tips to help you frame your choice.

A woman holding a small dog.

Hi I’m Sherrie,
and this is my dog Sunny.

I have spent hours in conversations with other Therapy Dog teams around the world and consuming any related training that I can find.

Along the way, I have discovered that the journey to pet therapy team is not a one-size-fits-all path. And this is a good thing.

Your unique relationship with your future Therapy Dog is exactly what inspired me to put together this guide.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Sherrie + Sunny

Are you ready? Learn how to get started:

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