Positioning Statement


Purpose and Passion


At Sherrie Rohde LLC, my work is driven by a deep commitment to diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and a shared love for our canine companions. My aim is to create an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, cherished, and where authenticity is celebrated.


Commitment to Accessibility


Accessibility isn’t just a goal—it’s a priority. Every episode of Therapy Dog Talk and every module of my “Life Skills for Therapy Dog Teams” course are transcribed and captioned by a human, making our content more accessible. My commitment to improving accessibility and refining our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts is an ongoing journey and I welcome feedback as to how I can further this mission.


Mental Health and Well-being


Mental health, balance, boundaries, and self-care are integral to all my interactions. I work to foster an environment that prevents burnout and nurtures the well-being of everyone who chooses to share their time with me.


Continual Learning and Growth


I acknowledge my privilege as a white, cisgender, able-bodied, straight, middle-class woman, and I actively work to confront my biases and use my privilege to elevate underrepresented voices. This involves engaging in continuous training, such as diversity, equity, and inclusion offerings from The Adaway Group, mental health courses, and accessibility training from MableyQ. As part of my commitment to professional excellence, I also pursue ongoing education through Absolute Dogs as a Pro Dog Trainer. This ensures that I remain at the forefront of the latest developments in dog training and can apply these principles in a thoughtful and meaningful way for therapy dogs and their handlers.


Feminist Marketing Principles


I strive to respect the autonomy of everyone who interacts with my business by adhering to consent-based and feminist marketing principles. I aim to provide clear, transparent information about my offerings, allowing you the freedom to decide if they are the right fit for you. Authenticity and transparency underpin my marketing approach, without overpromising or applying undue pressure.


Community and Connection


In this community, I strive to provide an accountable space that stands against hate speech, symbols, or prejudice towards underrepresented groups. We aim to amplify voices that often go unheard, promoting equality, accessibility, and growth  in “Life Skills for Therapy Dog Teams” course content and my podcast, Therapy Dog Talk, by incorporating diverse representation in what we know to be a white-dominated field.


Accountability and Improvement


I welcome and encourage open dialogue and feedback that helps enhance our efforts. If you witness harm or prejudice in my actions or in our community, I encourage you to hold me accountable so that I can address it. I continually share updates on our initiatives, highlighting both our achievements and areas for growth. This journey isn’t a sprint but a marathon—one I am deeply committed to running.


Charitable Commitments


My commitment to these values is underscored by my support for several organizations that work in areas such as animal welfare, human rights, indigenous rights, racial and ethnic equality, mental health for displaced children, LGBTQ+ support, women’s health and reproductive rights, women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, civil rights advocacy, and support for the homeless.


Final Thoughts


With these principles guiding my work at Sherrie Rohde LLC, I am fully committed to making strides forward and I invite you to join me on this journey as we work together to create a more fair, equitable, and respectful world. 


If you have any questions or concerns about what you see here, please contact Sherrie Rohde, Founder, sherrie@sherrierohde.com.

Statement Last Updated June 29, 2023.


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