It can be tricky finding resources for volunteering or working with your pet. While each episode of Therapy Dog Talk has links to the resources we mention that week, I’ve also put together this page to help you locate the tools, education and solutions that I find helpful.

Get started as a Therapy Dog team

Set yourself and your pup up for success by learning how to:

  • Choose the right setting for your team
  • Train your animal partner
  • Select a pet therapy organization

I’ve put it all together for you in PDF format.

How to get started as a Therapy Dog team

Resources on the Blog

Fostering Resilience in Therapy Dog Teams

Fostering Resilience in Therapy Dog Teams

Explore the importance of resilience in Therapy Dog teams and discover practical tips to build resilience in both you and your dog to increase your impact in therapy work.

Building a Calmer Therapy Dog Team

Building a Calmer Therapy Dog Team

Discover how to cultivate calmness in you and your Therapy Dog for more effective visits and a comforting presence to the individuals you assist.

The Therapy Dog Talk Podcast

Weekly conversations with Therapy Dog teams and researchers:

Products we use and enjoy


  • A-OK9 supplements and K9-CALM MAT
    Sunny and Rylie both are on Calm-K9, Bug-K9, Prime-K9 and Plaque-K9. (Flexi-K9 should not be used on puppies under 6 months.) Use code SUNNY for 10% off.
  • TTouch courses and equipment
    Sunny and Rylie both wear the Harmony harness and leash as well as the connector to stay balanced. I’m currently taking courses towards becoming a TTouch Practitioner. Use SUNNY15 for 15% off their gear.
  • Wholetones for Pets
    This calming music has been incredibly helpful for separation anxiety training, fireworks and inspiring moments of calm for decompression and self-care.
  • Woof Pupsicle
    This is Rylie’s go-to for a bedtime calming treat. 
A small tan Chihuahua mix dog sits on a woman's lap.
Free Canva template for Therapy Dog trading cards

Canva template for Therapy Dog trading cards

If you’ve been wanting to order trading cards as giveaways when on Therapy Dog visits you can customize this free template and print through a vendor of your choice.

Pawsitive Canine Connections | Colleen Dell

Being an Informed Therapy Dog Handler

Therapy Dog Talk guest Dr. Colleen Dell, along with the PAWSitive Support project team in the Office of One Health and Wellness at the University of Saskatchewan, designed this complimentary course for Therapy Dog handlers.

Over five modules, you will learn:

  • Participant Diversity & Inclusion
  • Participant Mental Health
  • Handler Self-care & Peer Support
  • Therapy Dog Behaviour & Care

The course takes 8 hours to complete and a certificate is available upon completion.

Therapy Dog resources on Instagram

Click on an image to read the full resource carousel on @therapydogtalk:

Let's talk about Therapy Dog organizations
Let's talk about burnout & self care.
6 ways to celebrate National Therapy Animal Day
Pet Therapy Terms

Books for Therapy Dog handlers

Disclosure: I may earn commission for purchases made through some links on this page. Always prioritize the dog in front of you and consult with your vet and other professionals before making any changes to supplements, diet, training, exercise, etc.

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