Build a better relationship with your Therapy Dog

Community and resources to help grow your relationship with your pup whether you’re volunteering or partnering together in Animal-Assisted Therapy.

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Get started as a Therapy Dog team

Set yourself and your pup up for success by learning how to:

  • Choose the right setting for your team
  • Train your animal partner
  • Select a pet therapy organization

I’ve put it all together for you in PDF format.

How to get started as a Therapy Dog team
Therapy Dog Talk - Ugne + Kuna

#094: Dog therapy in Lithuania with Ugnė and Kuna

In this 94th episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I chat with Ugnė, about her experiences volunteering as a Therapy Dog team in Lithuania.

Therapy Dog Talk - Shannon + Blue

#093: Therapy Dog Welfare with Shannon Noonan

In this 93rd episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I chat with Shannon Noonan, CPDT-KA, about the importance of Therapy Dog welfare.

Therapy Dog Talk - Sarah + Pixel

#092: Advocating for your Therapy Dog with Sarah and Pixel

In this 92nd episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I chat with Sarah about how she’s always advocating for her Klee Kai Therapy Dog, Pixel.

Therapy Dog Talk - Mary Rose + Honey

Celebration of the Horse Day with Mary Rose and Honey

In this bonus episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I chat with Mary Rose Gullet about her miniature Therapy Horse Honey for Celebration of the Horse Day.

Therapy Dog Talk - Estella + Monti & Finn

#091: The Resilient Journey of Estella and her Therapy Poms

In this 91st episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I chat with Estella about how she and her senior Therapy Poms help others and work threw their traumas.

The Therapy Dog Talk Podcast

Weekly conversations with Therapy Dog teams and researchers:

A woman holding a small dog.

Hi, I’m Sherrie!

I’m Sherrie, a Certified Animal Assisted-Intervention Specialist (C-AAIS) and Pro Dog Trainer in sunny Los Angeles. My family includes my husband Daniel, aspiring therapy dogs Sunny and Rylie, and our senior cat, Matilda.

I’ve always adored animals and turned that love into a career. My unique strengths and experiences help me connect with others and support therapy dog teams. Becoming a team wasn’t easy, but I pursued continuing education, joined professional organizations, and even started my podcast, Therapy Dog Talk.

With a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, continuous education in canine behavior, and over a decade of community-building, I’m passionate about helping therapy dog teams thrive and I love to explore connections between dog and human psychology to help you improve your relationship with your pup.

I’ve created a free downloadable guide for aspiring therapy dog teams and an online space for teams to connect and learn from each other. My worldwide adventures and constant unpacking of my own biases and privileges have opened my eyes to the beauty of diverse perspectives, helping me to grow personally and professionally. It is important to me to incorporate this into my work and I hope that you see it reflected here.

My goal is to help you learn life skills for both you and your pup to further your impact as a therapy dog team while having a blast. Let’s share our love for partnering with our dogs and learn from each other. Ready to start this adventure? Let’s go!

Pro Dog Trainer
Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Partner
Certified Animal-Assisted Intervention Specialist
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