7 Therapy Dog Books to Share on Your Visits

by | April 13, 2023 | Blog

Find books about Therapy Dogs that you can read with kids

A collection of pet therapy stories to educate young readers.

Welcome to our handpicked collection of therapy dog books, created to inspire and teach people who love dogs. Together, Katie Baron and I chose seven heartwarming stories that are great for reading with kids in pet therapy programs like Read to a Dog and Paws to Read. These books will help you and your pup connect with those you visit, and also help everyone understand the amazing work therapy dogs do. Join us as we explore these inspiring stories and find out how they can make your pet therapy experiences even better.

Buster and the Brain Bully

Buster and the Brain Bully

by Christina Pellegrino (Ages 6-10)

This heartwarming story follows Buster, an anxious Golden Retriever who learns to manage his anxiety and become a therapy dog. It’s a fantastic conversation starter about anxiety with kids.

Madeline Finn and the Therapy Dog

Madeline Finn and the Therapy Dog

by Lisa Papp (Ages 4-8)

Join Madeline and her dog Star as they learn empathy and perseverance while becoming a therapy dog team at a retirement home. Download the activity kit at bit.ly/MadelineFinnKit.

Moxy Makes a Difference

Moxy Makes a Difference

by Nicole Selby (Ages 6-10)

Moxy is a gentle dog with a fierce appearance. This inspiring story shows how a therapy dog can help someone overcome fears while teaching not to judge someone by their looks.

Bowtie Boone

Bow Tie Boone

by Tanya Diable (Ages 8-16)

Meet Boone, a happy disabled pup who gets adopted, receives a wheelchair, and becomes a therapy dog. Don’t forget the companion coloring book: bit.ly/BowTieBooneColoring.

Meet Tanya and Boone in Episode 32 of Therapy Dog Talk

Brisco: Life as a Therapy Dog

Brisco, Life As A Therapy Dog

by Margot Bennett (Ages 10+)

Told from Brisco’s perspective, this book emphasizes the bond between dogs and humans and how therapy dogs bring that connection to many people.

Big World of Little Dude: Empathy

Empathy: Big World of Little Dude

by Cara Zelas (Ages 3-7)

Little Dude, a therapy dog, demonstrates empathy to everyone he visits. The book also includes social-emotional learning activities.

Meet Cara and Little Dude in Episode 77 of Therapy Dog Talk

No Matter the Forecast, Our Paws are Ready

No Matter the Forecast, Our Paws are Ready

by Tracy Ryan (Ages 6-8)

Featuring real therapy dogs, this book showcases how they provide comfort and support to first responders, helping relieve stress with play, affection, and smiles.

Meet First Responder Therapy Dogs on Therapy Dog Talk

Which book would you add?

A huge thank you to Katie and Archer for collaborating on this list. Check out their Therapy Dog Book Club posts at @archerthetherapydog!

If you are interested in learning more about Therapy Dogs, please check out my podcast Therapy Dog Talk.

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