What will Rosie enjoy about being a Therapy Dog?

This girl loves any living, breathing thing. She definitely loves the attention that people give but I do think that she can sense peoples’ moods and does enjoy helping with that also.

In this fifth episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I interviewed Adele of @thepawfectmatchshop who shared:


  • Why she decided to go into Animal Assisted Therapy.
  • How she found and trained Rosie (@the_therapup).
  • What she’s looking forward to about being a new therapy dog team.
  • How Rosie inspired her to start her own accessories line and a sneak peek of how that line will tailor to therapy dogs.
  • Rosie’s 2020 Hanukkah experience.

What surprised you in your training?

Before I got her and I was thinking about a timeline, I was like, “Yeah and so the day of her birthday she turns one year old and she’ll be ready to be a Therapy Dog.” I didn’t really realize all of the work that goes into it and—now I do.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I do. Give it a listen and let me know which part you found the most helpful!

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What advice do you have for a future Therapy Dog?

It’s definitely very rewarding. Depending on the organization, some require a visit once a month or every three months. So even if it’s not something that you can commit to weekly, it’s definitely something that you should go and share the healing power of your dog.

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